Our Programs


  • Insure residential stability through medical and psychiatric services to help residents  remain drug and alcohol free
  • Increase residents’ personal skills (through continuing education) to secure employment
  • Increase residents’ abilities to secure independent living through greater self-determination.

To achieve these objectives Victory House utilizes a clinical team approach comprised of health professionals, addiction and mental health counselors, and life skills instructors.

Who We Serve (profile of our clients):

  • Men, ages 18-65, who voluntarily enter the program with the aim of transitioning to independent living in the community
  • May have been recently incarcerated and released
  • May be in recovery for drug or alcohol abuse
  • In need of temporary housing
  • Suffering from treatable medical or mental health issues
  • Referred to Victory House through The Veterans Administration or county drug and
  • Alcohol agencies and other local referring partners.

Giving Back:

A core belief of Victory House is giving back. Residents are required to give twelve (12) hours per month to others in the community who might need their assistance and skills. Typical among the projects for residents are:

  • Leaf Removal, cooking at spaghetti dinners,  volunteering at Musikfest, Bethlehem Greenway Trash/Leaf removal, Visiting veterans in nursing homes, Serving other homeless at a soup kitchen, Blueberry Festival Clean Up, American Cancer Society – “Daffodil Days” , Moravian Historical Society…..